Denmark gave around 87 million. Thank you!

Denmark gave around 87 million. Thank you!

The Danes proved their very generous side during the 'Denmark Collection' under the theme 'When mom is missing'.

During the show on DR1 there were collected 87,414,404 DKK. Private, associations and companies all contributed to the important work that the 12 organizations behind 'Denmark Collection' are doing.

Actionaid Denmark will use the money from this year's collection to increase the number of midwives and skilled health personnel at local birth clinics and ensure better hygiene and essential medicines for novice and mothers in the southern part of Mozambique, where many women die in maternity and where also babies' health is very poor.

The risk of dying in childbirth is high for women in Mozambique. For every 100,000 childbirths 490 women die. 

Saturday's television show was attended by Dorte Tietze, who is partnership coordinator for ActionAid Denmark in Mozambique. She told about her recent visit to the country:  

In a maternity hospital, I met a 22-year-old nurse who is the only one to help the women in need. The clinic has no electrical power, so when births occur at night, she has only the light from the mobile phone to help. The need for improvement is very hign and all women should have the right to safety during the delivery.
Lack of health workers, electricity, water and facilities to handle emergency situations leading to extremely high maternal mortality. And it creates social challenge for children and communities in Chibuto, which is already struggling with huge problems of poverty.

hrough the work is women's groups and the association's local cooperative organizations committed to demand better conditions and to file a complaint when they have experienced abusive or inadequate conditions. In this way, local authorities are held responsible for the poor conditions and they can be part of the solution to improve maternal health in the area.

About the 'Denmark Collection'

'Denmark Collection' 2014 is a shared collection for developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Danish Television and 12 of the largest humanitarian organizations is behind the collection. The organizations are working to help countries out of poverty, helping the most vulnerable people to a better future. The organizations working for the UN 2015 target, among other things, to reduce poverty by half, ensuring universal primary education and reducing child mortality by two thirds by 2015.

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