Asylansøgere på Avnstrup Asylcenter til workshop. Foto:  Helga C. Theilgaard

Refugee and asylum project

Want to help give refugees a stronger sense of security and spend quality time with refugees in Denmark? Here you can help and support refugees in their current situation.

In 2017, the UN reported that 68 million people globally are refugees or displaced. A small number of these refugees have settled in Denmark. Seeking refuge far away from one’s homeland and familiar surroundings is a stressful and insecure situation. MS works to strengthen opportunities for and the well-being of refugee and asylum seekers, and thereby give them a positive transition to life in Denmark. 

You can help to give refugees a greater sense of security and spend quality time with people who are trying to establish an everyday life in Denmark. As a political activist, you can help to challenge the prevailing narrative on refugees and ensure continued focus on the issue.

Sign up to volunteer and become part of a volunteer group that helps and supports refugees during their difficult transition phase. We meet every Tuesday evening – where we play board games and chess, and have friendly conversations over dinner or desert. Come and join us!

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