Advisors are highly experienced and specialized professionals, with an extensive post-graduate work experience. They are placed to support broad, strategic and long-term programme focus on outputs and are thus primarily placed at the national ActionAid offices to support several partner organisations or with a large strategic partner organisation.

An Advisor brings added value through the external perspectives that they can bring to a given programme, thereby promoting shared learning, innovative thinking and critical reflection. Advisors can be employed for 6 months and up to 2 years, and can have their contracts extended for up to a total of 5 years.

All Advisors are internationally recruited. This means that qualified candidates can apply to be an Advisor in any country, except that in which they have permanent residency.

During placement, an Advisor can conduct multiple roles as part of his/her assignment. Often the Advisor will be a coach or a mentor to key individuals in ActionAid or in partner organisations.  Often times, an Advisor may also be requested to develop specific concept papers or programme drafts depending on identified capacity gaps or needs. However, the Advisor may never take on the role of a regular implementation staff, manager or coordinator of a programme.  It is essential that any placement involves a high degree of knowledge sharing and the capacity development of the key individuals and organisations involved. This is important in order to both secure ownership to the Advisor’s process, but also most importantly to empower identified key individuals and organisation with the capacity to replicate the activities carried out and build essential skills to take the process forward when the Advisor is gone.

All Advisors are salaried on a competitive basis which reflects their professional capabilities and depth of their experience.   ActionAid Denmark has two Advisor levels, and these are based on seniority and the level of work experience required for given posting.  It is always the job needs which determine the salary level of the Advisor, rather than the experience of the Advisor for the specific job.

Level 1 Advisor

  • At least a MA Degree
  • At least 10 years of relevant post-graduate work experience
  • Specialized within at least one relevant subject field
  • At least 4 years of post-graduate work experience from developing countries.

Level 2 Advisor

  • At least a BA degree or similar
  • A least 5 years of post-graduate experience
  • Specialized within a subject field
  • Work experience from developing countries

How to apply:   

All Advisor jobs are advertised on: and HIVE, as well as other relevant online job portals. Applications must always contain a letter of motivation and an updated resume.   Unsolicited applications are not accepted.

You can sign up on our website and receive an e-mail when a new job is advertised.

Who can apply?

All Advisors Placements are international. This means that they are open to all nationalities, unless the candidate has the same nationality as the country which the placement is based in. Advisors cannot come from the country, which their placement is based in.

Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions for placements as an Advisor can be downloaded here

Specific terms and conditions are always elaborated in the specific Job Descriptions for actual Advisor placements being recruited for.

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