Ansatte i Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, oktober 2021. Foto: Nicolas Cho.

Make a difference

Are you interested in joining the fight for a more just and sustainable world? 

We are always on the lookout for new colleagues, who are interested in joining us on our journey towards making a difference, both nationally and globally. 

We offer full-time and part-time employment, student positions and internships. You can also volunteer in one of our many volunteer groups.


Vacant positions

Hiring process

We value a fair, personal and transparent recruitment process, which is why we follow these five steps:

  1. Application You describe your motivation in a cover letter.
  2. Interview We read all applications and we typically invite for a second interview. 
  3. Assignment You will be asked to solve a small assignment relevant to the role, to help us gain an overall impression of you.
  4. Feedback We will provide you with concrete feedback, that will be useful to you.
  5. Employment We will make a decision as quickly as possible and typically within six weeks. 

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