What we do

Lucy Fondo kæmper for flere rettigheder til beboerne i Kibera. Photo: Tine Harden/MS

The first step to get out of poverty and away from hunger is to know your rights.

We give people, who are living in poverty, access to schools, health clinics and clean water, as long as they are willing to push for changes themselves.

In collaboration with the poorest people around the world, we put pressure on those in power in order to create democratic and sustainable societies, where the right of every individual to a healthy life is in focus. We call it human rights based development.  

As part of the international alliance ActionAid we work with human rights based development in more than 40 countries and reach more than 25 million people.

Capacity Development
We believe that the end of poverty and injustice is best supported by capacity development by people for people.

Global Trainings
Global Platforms is a worldwide network of training hubs for empowerment and activism. 

DEMENA Youth Pool
As part of ActionAid Denmark’s agreement with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Danish-Arab Partnership Programme, ActionAid Denmark (AADK) administrates the DEMENA Youth Pool. 

Together for a just and sustainable world (pdf)
Mellemfolkelig Samvirke/ ActionAid Denmark’s Strategy 2018-2022

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