Learn how you can submit a whistleblower report if you have a working relationship with ActionAid Denmark. 

If you have reason to believe that an employee has violated our Anti-corruption policy, SHEA (Sexual Harassment, Exploitation  and Abuse) and Safeguarding Policy, or Code of Condct, you can report a concern or suspicion regarding the employee in question. Anyone who has a working relationship with ActionAid Denmark can report a concern. This involves both employees, business partners, suppliers, customers and others who have a working relationship with ActionAid Denmark. Whistleblower reports may concern cases of fraud with donor funds, bribery, child abuse or abuse of power, etc.

Suspicion of sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse can also be reported around the clock by calling our hotline at (+45) 21 89 39 11. Please note that if you wish to remain anonymous, you must use the form below instead.

Anonymity and confidentiality

You are anonymous if you choose not tell us who you are, in which case nobody in or outside of ActionAid Denmark will be able to trace your report back to you. However, we encourage you to identify yourself so that we have a better opportunity to assess your report and potentially initiate an investigation. We have a duty of confidentiality regarding your identity, and our investigations are covered by the Danish Act on the Protection of Whistleblowers.

Trained investigators

All reports to ActionAid Denmark are processed by experienced and trained investigators, and in accordance with internationally recognized standards. In particularly complex and sensitive cases, we receive support from ActionAid Internal Audit and other units in the federation, or from external experts. Decisions in whistleblower cases are made by an independent panel.


You can submit your report here. You decide whether or not you wish to remain anonymous.

If you provide your e-mail address, we will be able to contact you and ask follow-up questions to better understand and process your report. If you do provide your e-mail address, you ARE NOT anonymous – even if your e-mail address does not contain all or part of your name, and you have not provided your name.

If we have your e-mail address, we will confirm receipt of your report within 7 days and we will give you feedback on your report within 3 months.


Cases and decisions

The list below provides an overview of cases in ActionAid Denmark and ActionAid member countries that receive Danish development support. 

Title Case type Status Date Conclusion
WB16 Financial Mismanagement Case closed Suspicion not upheld
WB15 Corruption (Theft) Case closed Suspicion not upheld
WB14 Corruption (Fraud / Forgery) Awaiting lost recovery Suspicion upheld
WB13 Child abuse Case closed Report dismissed / False
WB12 Conflict of Interest / Nepotism Case closed Suspicion upheld
WB11 Corruption (Fraud / Forgery) Case closed Suspicion upheld
WB10 Corruption (Embezzlement) Case closed Suspicion upheld
WB9 Sexual Exploitation Case closed Suspicion upheld
WB8 Sexual Harassment Case closed Suspicion upheld
WB7 Corruption (Fraud / Forgery) Case closed Suspicion not upheld