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We fight poverty by helping the poor to fight for their rights and break the structures, which holds them back in hunger and poverty.

We have almost 70 years of experience with development work and our work aims to improve poor people’s conditions of life, in order for them to manage without support in the long run. Our target groups are primarily women and youth.

Together with local organizations we work to empower people living in poverty and support them in knowing and demanding their rights, in order for them to build democratic and sustainable societies.

As part of the international alliance ActionAid we work with human rights based development in more than 40 countries and reach more than 25 million of the world´s poor.

Together for a just and sustainable world 
Mellemfolkelig Samvirke/ ActionAid Denmark’s Strategy 2018-2022
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Statutes for ActionAid Denmark
Adopted by the ActionAid Denmark Council at the Annual Council Meeting May 2015.
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Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke
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