DEMENA Youth Pool


As part of ActionAid Denmark’s agreement with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Danish-Arab Partnership Programme, ActionAid Denmark (AADK) administrates the DEMENA Youth Pool. 

The pool supports partnerships between Danish NGOs and NGOs in the Arab Region for projects that enhance capacities of and opportunities for young men and women, youth groups and CSOs/NGOs to participate in processes of political and social change and democratization in the Arab region.  

1. In the formulation of the project it is also important to take into account the following three issues:

  1. Dialogue. The partnership shall promote dialogue, understanding and cooperation between Denmark and the Arab region. Dialogue means the establishment of equal (and thus non-patronising) partnerships that can lead to better understanding between Danish youth and youth from the Arab region. The dialogue shall contribute to real change in relation to the objective of the projects. It shall not only contribute to a change in people’s attitudes. As thus, the dialogue is a mean to an end and not an objective in itself. 
  2. Gender mainstreaming. The applications must consider how the project will ensure the participation of young women and incorporate considerations on how gender has been taken into consideration during the design of the project.
  3. Documentation and communication of results. The applicants have an obligation to ensure public communication about their partnership and its result hence a communication plan needs to be submitted with the application. 

The DEMENA Pool gives special attention to new and innovative project ideas. 

2. Scope of projects:

The pool supports projects of three scopes:

  • Partnership identification projects (up to DKK 30 000)
  • Pilot projects (up to DKK 100 000) 
  • Partnership projects (up to DKK 300.000) 

3. Who can apply? 

Applications can be submitted either by a Danish organisation that has developed a joint project proposal with a partner organisation in one or more of the countries in the Arab region or by an Arab organisation that has developed a joint project proposal with a Danish organisation. Applicants and partners must be part of civil society defined as a non-governmental organisation or institution including media institutions, trade unions, associations, non-profit companies, institutions of higher education, self governing institutions and local municipalities. The projects must not have a commercial purpose. There is no limitation as to how many times an organisation can apply for funds from the DEMENA Youth Pool. However, if the organisation applies again, the applicant(s) must show improvements from the previous applications and include lessons learned from the previous project. 

There are 3 annual deadlines for applications: 1 January, 1 May and 1 September or the following working day in case this falls during the weekend. Applications for partnership identification and pilot projects can be submitted any time. 

A 6 – 8 week processing period must be expected

For more information about the DEMENA Youth Pool or request for an advisory meeting, please contact Ditte Wegeberg at

Kindly use the following guidelines and formats when devoping your application. 

Criteria (word)

Please fill in the below application forms in English.

Application form - partnership identification and pilot project (word)
Application form - partnership projects (word)

4. Reporting 

For reporting kindly use the following formats

Electronic copies as well as signed hard-copies should be submitted to ActionAid Denmark no later than 2 months after project finalisation. 

The projects should follow the DEMENA Pool audit instructions (available on the website) and it is the responsibility of the grant holder that all the partners and the auditor are aware of the following guidelines. 

For grants below 100.000 DKK auditing is not covered. Instead you should submit final accounts with the original bills.

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