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We fight poverty by helping the poor to fight for their rights and break the structures, which holds them back in hunger and poverty.

Latest news

2. February 2017
New research supported by ActionAid Denmark finds that Europe's largest pension funds are heavily invested in illegal Israeli settlements.
10. May 2016
New Country Director appointed in AA Denmark.
18. December 2015
ActionAid has welcomed the decision by Danish pension fund PFA Pension to stop investing in the German company Heidelberg Cement over its extraction of raw materials in parts of Palestine, which is under Israeli occupation.
12. November 2015
For the past nine months, I have had the incredible opportunity of being placed as an Inspirator in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
1. March 2015
Do you have complaints upon our work or behavior or any suggestions on how we might improve our efforts? Or do you just have any comments about our work? Write to us and we will get back to you within five work days.
23. January 2015
ActionAid Denmark and Arla Foods have reached agreement meant to secure Arla's compliance with international human rights standards when entering and operating in developing countries.

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