Global Trainings


Global Platforms is a worldwide network of training hubs for empowerment and activism. 

We provide innovative trainings and capacity building for organisations and young individuals who wish to take positive action in their societies. We are determined to provide youth with knowledge, skills and attitude to be active global citizens!

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Where we are

We are able to deliver trainings to any organisation around the globe. Since 2009 we have established Global Platforms all over the globe. As of today we have Global Platforms in Denmark, El Salvador, Jordan, Kenya, Myanmar, Nepal, two in Tanzania (Near Mt. Kenya and in Nairobi) and USA. To ensure a better global outreach, we will establish more statically located Global Platforms in East Asia, South America and West Africa before 2017.

What we do

We offer trainings that challenge and inspire. We are specialists in using participatory methods as tools to empower people to realise their potentials as positive social change makers. On the basis of comprehensive global experiences, we have developed trainings within topics such as: Governance, Human Rights, Global Citizenship, Campaign management, Youth Mobilizing, Social Entrepreneurship, Volunteerism, Communication and New Media Tools, Participatory techniques, Project planning and much more.

We are hubs for activist and volunteer activities. Beside of being training hubs, the Global Platforms are open for everyone who works for social change and who wants to cooperate with us or unfold their activities at the platforms.The Global Platforms aims at being ‘social laboratories’ where dynamic young people can explore and develop methods of changing their community for the better.

What our aim is

Train the world. Change the world! The Global Platforms aim to be a catalyst for social and political empowerment, by inspiring young people to realise their ability to positively change their lives and those of the people in their communities. Through this aim we want to spread our trainings and ideas in ever-widening circles with the vision of: training the world to change the world!

Who we are here for

The Global Platforms are open for everyone - no matter their background. The trainings are especially designed for youth activists and leaders engaged in social movements and civil society organisations - but everybody can participate. At the Global Platforms people will live and learn together with other people from a diverse range of backgrounds. The atmosphere at the Global Platforms is international, creative and inclusive.

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