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ActionAid Denmark supports capacity development through different approaches in our international development and humanitarian work.  We facilitate the placement of professional experts and skilled volunteers to support the struggles of young people for a more just and sustainable world.

The purpose is to provide direct access to relevant support and professional sparing on a day to day basis to support a continuous learning process for the people work with and for.

“There is only one way to look at things until someone shows us how to look at them with different eyes”

Quote by Pablo Picasso

The external perspective is central in all our placements. To facilitate change and break with business-as-usual, critical reflection and exposure to new perspectives is essential. Therefore, bringing in new ideas, new learning, and testing alternative approaches are fundamental principles behind all our placements – even if people are hired from within the same country.

The emphasis on the external perspective further supports ActionAid Denmark’s longstanding priority of building solidarity and cross-cultural understanding between people and communities both locally and globally.


Through the People4Change program we facilitate the placement of Advisors and Inspirators, who are recruited both locally and internationally.

Advisors are experienced professionals who support strengthening specific programs or themes at national and global level, especially by supporting networking and alliance building within and across countries. Advisors are typically placed with a National ActionAid Office and are contracted for 1 to 2 years. All Advisor placements are advertised on our website here 

Inspirators are dedicated volunteers with practical experience working at grass root level with especially young people as agents of change through creative activism, campaigning, advocacy, and documentation. Inspirators are typically placed with ActionAid’s local partners and contracted for up to 1 year.  Inspirators are primarily recruited through our Inspirator Roster, which is a database, where all interested candidates can register and be considered for future placements. 

You can learn more about People4Change from the below interviews:

Interview with Farhana

Interview with Villy


EU AID Volunteer Initiative


Through the EU AID Volunteer Initiative, we facilitate the placement of European volunteers in humanitarian contexts across ActionAid. EU AID Volunteers are, however, not placed in response or emergency situations but rather they support building resilience and preparedness as well as rebuilding in communities having faced humanitarian crisis and disaster. In line with ActionAid’s principles of shifting power and resources to local actors, EU AID Volunteers will always play a supporting and never a leading role in our work and all placements have a strong element of personal learning and development. A key objective of the EUAID Volunteer placements is to enhance and promote global citizenship and post-placement solidarity work in Europe voicing the needs of and demands by marginalized communities.

EU AID Volunteers placements recruited by AA Denmark are advertised at our website here

More information, stories from volunteers, and volunteer opportunities through the EU AID Volunteer program can be found here

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