Capacity Development

We believe that the end of poverty and injustice is best supported by capacity development by people for people.

Our approach is based on mutual respect and profound solidarity with poor and marginalized people. We strongly believe that a Human Right Based Approach backed by solidarity, empowerment and is an important value needed to transform and change structural aspects of injustice and suppressing societies.

People4Change is part of the international federation ActionAid, and we have a global outreach programme in more than 25 countries based on people to people support. The programme is aimed at people from primarily neighbouring countries supporting and strengthening progressive movements and organizations in developing countries around the globe.  

People4Change is a capacity development programme that supports ActionAid partners and ActionAid in releasing the power in people in order to build up the lives and societies of people living in poverty. 

This capacity development support programme provides targeted support at the local, national and international levels. Through the deployment of volunteer Inspirators and salaried Advisors, People4Change facilitates interventions that ensure effective organisational and programmatic performance. Through these interventions, the programme also promotes international solidarity, exchange and tolerance.

People4Change is based on the conviction that the synergy of solidarity, understanding and knowledge that emerges when people from different parts of the world meet, learn and work together, increases skills and commitment among the involved individuals and civil societies, and empowers them to become active agents of change.

The People4Change approach lies in making external professional expertise available to ActionAid units and partner organizations. The fact that People4Change placements are cross-national challenges existing practices and methods and encourages innovative thinking and critical reflection, which leads to new approaches and new knowledge. Through process-oriented facilitation and shared learning, People4Change interventions build the capacity of key individuals and key partner organisations to increase organizational effectiveness. 

Inspirator Database:
Inspirators are selected from a database called the Inspirator Roster. The Inspirator Roster consists of screened and approved Inspirator candidates. Interested candidates can apply online at:

Impact Assessment Uganda 2015
Uganda Impact Assessment (pdf)

People4Change CATEGORIES

Inspirators are experienced development practitioners, who have significant practical work experience in one or several subject areas.

Advisors are highly experienced and specialized professionals, with an extensive post-graduate work experience. They are placed to support broad, strategic and long-term programme focus on outputs...

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