inspirator Reem

Inspirator story: Reem

Youth mobilization Inspirator at the GP Youth Hub in Ramallah, Palestine.

Reem is a nationally based Inspirator in Ramallah in the West Bank of Palestine, where she works to mobilize youth and to support the newly established Youth Hub.

In her Inspirator role, Reems’ tasks consist of several things, primarily related to pre- and post-training activities. This means that she helps in the preparations of trainings with the GP trainers, but she also makes sure to follow up with the participants after the trainings. She does this by meeting up the previous participants to follow up and support them in using their newly acquired skills. 
Reem also helps to build the youth activist- and volunteer network in Ramallah and the surrounding areas and encourage youth groups to apply for trainings, to join youth hub activities and to volunteer. This includes providing support to youth that applies for funding to do specific activities at the Youth Hub.

Encouraging young people to get organised

Together with the training- and impact coordinator of the Youth Hub, Reem coordinates meetings with interested youth groups and activists, where she supports the youth groups in the further development and planning of their own proposed activities. As Reem puts it: 
"This is a way for me to help and encourage young people to get organized, because a lot of organizations are not organized. So, we have a process to make sure that the youth hub activities we choose fits the principles of ActionAid and it fits the needs and interest of youth".

Reem provides support and mentoring to activists, such as the Activista member Hanin, who conduct bi-weekly writing-sessions for Palestinian youth on different social, political, and economic issues that matter for them. Here, Reem supports in coordinating the sessions and uses her network to invite youth to join. Another Activista member, Ahmed, was supported by Reem in proposal writing, when he applied for support to buy medical care equipment to conduct first aid trainings with the Red Crescent, as the need for medical staff rose in the light of the war on Gaza in May 2021. 

Dreaming of change in Palestine

The greatest motivation for Reem in her role as an Inspirator, is her connection to youth and her own role as an activist. She shares that: "I see myself as a participant. I see myself as an activist. I see myself as a youth. I see myself as a volunteer. I see myself as someone who is dreaming of changing a lot of things in the Palestinian context".

When asked what advice she would give to any new Inspirators, Reem says "to live the experience – both the good and the bad". 

She also underlines the importance of seeing this as a learning experience and something that helps you to develop in many ways, both professionally and personally. Lastly Reem shares: "Don’t judge yourself – you have to be patient. In one year, you should not expect to change the world. However, be patient and you can do it! You have to convince yourself to put all the effort you can into it, and you will gain it later!"