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The People Power Award


At Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke and its Global Centre for Social Movements (MOVE) we want to recognize and strengthen the work of social movements around the world. Many activists in movements work tirelessly without recognition and face great adversity and personal sacrifice without celebration.

We have launched The People Power Award to highlight and celebrate movements around the globe for the work they are doing every day. We are thrilled to announce that in this first year of the award we got over 150 nominations from across the globe. We will contact the selection of 9 nominees by August 21st. 

Around the world there are thousands of social movements made up of ordinary people who have decided to act together to claim basic rights and freedoms, defend the environment or speak out against the misuse of power; whether it is by taking down corrupt leaders, challenging exploitative companies or countering oppressive societal norms. Although some movements do not achieve their desired outcomes, due to a myriad of factors, many do succeed in transforming their communities and our world. Social movements have contributed to much of the progress we are proud of today, whether it is the anti-colonial independence struggles, women's right to vote, civil rights or the protection of oceans and forests. 

We have seen what can be achieved when citizens work together. We have seen what happens when people speak up, act and refuse to be part of the system they want to change. That is why Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke and its Global Centre for Social Movements (MOVE) have created the People Power Award, to express our thanks, gratitude and admiration for the social movements that are providing hope and creating positive change in the world today.

Each year we will highlight three social movements and give them the opportunity to show the world what they have been doing, and support them in doing even more impactful work.


The jury

We at ActionAid and its Global Centre for Social Movements (MOVE) are excited to introduce this year's jury for the People Power Award. 

People Power Jury

The selected social movements

Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement


Started in the US in 2011, the Movement is challenging the acceptability of fossil fuel investments, reshaping climate policy, and proving the influence of collective action in shaping a sustainable future. It is the fastest growing global movement of our time, with divestment campaigns in almost every part of the world.


MIDDLE EAST - Palestine 

The Urfod movement challenges stereotypes and is reviving discussions on military service within the Druze community in post-1948 occupied Palestine, and in doing so, is building opposition within the military complex of the state of Israel and its historic oppression of the Palestinian people.

Women, Life, Freedom


Spurred on by the tragic murder of Jina Mahsa Amini at the hands of security forces, the movement in Iran bravely challenges gender inequality and oppressive state control, demanding freedom for all.

Civil Disobedience Movement

ASIA - Myanmar

This country-wide civil disobedience movement has successfully mobilized and sustained hundreds of thousands of people across religious and ethnic divides from all walks of life against the military junta in Myanmar, demanding federal democracy and justice for all.

The Samyukt Kisan Morcha - Farmers Movement

ASIA - India

In the heart of the world’s largest democracy, the Samyukt Kisan Morcha unites Indian farmers in an unyielding movement for fair agricultural policies, embodying collective action for fair and equitable treatment.  

The Shame Movement


Forged amid brutal police crackdowns on protesters, this prominent civil movement in Georgia has invigorated youth engagement in politics and building the path towards democratic reforms and an inclusive and vibrant future.

Sindicato de Manteros


This self-organised movement of migrants and refugees to the EU has successfully drawn mainstream attention to issues of “illegal” migration and racism in Spain, gaining popular support in an era of increasing far-right anti-immigration rhetoric.

Lutte Pour Le Changement - LUCHA

SOUTHERN AFRICA - Democratic Republic of Congo

Employing active non-violence to challenge the oppressive political system in the Democratic Republic of Congo, LUCHA has sparked a movement for change that has echoed far and wide.

Stop EACOP Campaign

EASTAFRICA - Uganda/Tanzania

Standing resolute against the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline, this movement challenges two of the world’s corporate giants while advocating for community-owned renewables and a sustainable energy landscape in Africa and across the world.

Alianza Centroamericana Frente a la Minería

LATINAMERICA - Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua

In a battle for environmental preservation and ecological justice, the movement champions resistance and international solidarity against metallic mining, while withstanding severe repression from state and corporate actors.