Inspirators are experienced development practitioners, who have significant practical work experience in one or several subject areas.

Inspirators may or may not have a higher education; therefore formal education is not a requirement. However, People4Change does have the following requirements for Inspirators:

  • At least 5 years of paid or voluntary work experience 
  • At least 3 years of paid or voluntary work experience within a specific subject area 
  • Paid or voluntary work experience from developing countries 
  • Voluntary work experience required
  • Strong sense of solidarity and volunteerism 
  • Facilitation and motivational skills 
  • Personal drive and motivation to become an Inspirator

Inspirators are usually placed with a partner organization in order to provide capacity development support for one specific programme activity and/or output, as per the partnership agreements between ActionAid and its implementing partner. Therefore, an Inspirator placement is characterized by focus on a few, short term, specific, concrete and interlinked activities. Inspirators can be placed in two consecutive terms of between 3 to 9 months each. Each term must have a separate Terms of Reference. 

It is essential that the Inspirator can bring an external perspective to a given programme, and thereby promote shared learning, innovative thinking and critical reflection. The Inspirator can play multiple roles within the partner organization; however it is essential that any placement involves a high degree of knowledge sharing and capacity development of the partner organization and key individuals.

Inspirators are classified as volunteers. We define volunteerism from the perspective that the Inspirator works from a voluntary desire and without a formal salary to support a particular cause. The monetary reward is not the primary motivating factor for the Inspirator. Therefore, Inspirators are expected to be highly committed individuals with a strong sense of solidarity with marginalized and vulnerable groups in society, as well as with development issues in general. As the Inspirator provides full time support to a partner organization during their placement, the Inspirator cannot be expected to provide for his or her own income. The Inspirator will consequently receive a daily living allowance to cover the basic daily necessities during the placement, as well as an amount to compensate some of the expenditures the Inspirator may have in his/her home country. The arrangements will be made by the host ActionAid Country Program or its implementing partner to house the Inspirator in modest accommodation, as determined in the country of placement.

Inspirator placements are a two-way learning opportunity, as while Inspirators are offering their knowledge and capacity development to partner organizations, the Inspirator programme likewise offers candidates the opportunity for international exposure, professional learning and personal growth.

Meet our inspirators

Joseph from Kenya, working in Sierra Leone

Joseph from Zimbabwe, working in Uganda

Cathrine from Kenya, working in Uganda

How to apply to become an Inspirator?

All Inspirators are internationally recruited from the Inspirator Roster (read more below); however Inspirators cannot come from the country, which their placement is based in. All placements must be cross-national as a pre-requisite.

200 Inspirators are placed every year through the Inspirator Roster.

For more on the Terms and Conditions of Inspirator placement, please click here.

Inspirator Database:

Inspirators are selected from a database called the Inspirator Roster. The Inspirator Roster consists of screened and approved Inspirator candidates. Interested candidates can apply online at:

All applicants who register will be subjected to a thorough validation process, in order to be approved to be listed in the Inspirator Roster.

If you want more information about how you register in the database, please click here.

Who can apply?

Inspirators are experienced development practitioners who are posted cross-nationally to work within a specific subject field relevant to the governance themes with which ActionAid is working.

The Inspirator Roster is open to applicants from all countries in which ActionAid International is present.

Additionally, nationals from the following countries are eligible to register: 

Angola, Argentina, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Honduras, Jordan, Lebanon, Mexico, Nicaragua, and the Occupied Territories of Palestine.

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