International deployment opportunities

International deployment opportunities

We deploy professional advisors and volunteers with relevant experience, to support young people and strengthen our work.

Deploying volunteers and professionals is an important method to building competencies together with our local partners and young activist groups. The deployed provide targeted technical coaching and act as mentors, who help to create innovative alternatives, think creatively and critically together with those people who they are supporting.

Central to our deployments is a focus on solidarity; this programme focuses on people meeting across regions and borders to help to solve global challenges. This meeting and bridge between borders continues also after the end of the deployment periods.

Practical information on deployment

Our volunteer and professional deployments are recruited nationally as well as internationally. The professional deployments receive a salary while they are deployed, whereas volunteers receive a volunteer stipend to cover basic costs during the deployment. When you are deployed through ActionAid Denmark, you become a part of an international learning network; in this way we can ensure that experiences and best practices are shared across international borders.

If you are a volunteer, you are called an Inspirator or an EU Aid volunteer. Professional deployments are called Advisor positions.

We send out deployments via two programmes: People4Change and EU Aid Volunteers.


People4Change is an integrated part of our international development and humanitarian action work.

We send both professional Advisors and volunteer Inspirators abroad to support local partners, with particular focus on young activist groups and social movements. 

Advisors are typically deployed for two years and are a part of ActionAid’s partner countries. Advisors provide support on specific programme areas during their deployment, and as an advisor you have a particular role in building networks and alliances both nationally and globally.

Inspirators are often deployed for one year and work with our local partners. The Inspirators work closely in collaboration with local staff and activist groups. They act as agents of change, particularly focused on promoting young people’s leadership, organising and creative activism. As Inspirators are placed at the local level, they are able to reach the most marginalised youth and therefore play a key role in ensuring no one is left behind.

For Inspirator positions, please refer to the website of the specific ActionAid office you wish to work with. For vacant Advisor positions, please refer to National ActionAid websites, or on the People4Change facebook page and the ActionAid Denmark Website.

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EU Solidarity Corps

Are you a young person looking to make a positive impact on the world? Look no further than the volunteering and humanitarian aid opportunity offered by the European Solidarity Corps!

We deploy European volunteers to support local partners, ActionAid national offices and the Global Platforms.

The EU Solidarity Corps seeks to enhance youth agency in humanitarian action and to strengthen local capacity to support the transition from humanitarian response to long term sustainable and inclusive development.

ActionAid is currently offering deployment opportunities in Kenya, Uganda, Colombia and Palestine. Whether you have experience in the field or are just starting out, this opportunity offers a unique chance to gain new skills, build your network, and make a real difference in the lives of others. Sign up for EU Solidarity corps and see deployment opportunities here.EU


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Current deployments

Et verdenskort over de steder vi arbejder

Meet an Advisor

Meet Darlington, an Advisor currently deployed to Zambia.

Darlington is a Youth Advisor in Zambia. He has worked closely with the young activist groups that acted to get a record number of young people elected into Parliament in the 2021 national elections. 

"I am contributing to work which will leave a footprint and working with young people is significant. They are in a place where they need all the support that they can, and when you can offer it, it enriches me." Says Darlington

Read Darlington’s story and find out more about what it means to be deployed as an Advisor with People4Change. 

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Meet an Inspirator

Reem is dreaming of bringing change to Palestine. 

Reem is a nationally based Inspirator in Ramallah in the West Bank of Palestine, where she works to mobilize youth and to support the newly established Youth Hub.